How to Honor Loss & Why It Matters With Rachel Marie Kang

Episode Notes

We experience big and little losses all the time.

A friend moves away.

An opportunity passes you by.

A relationship ends.

Learning how to recognize and honor the losses we all experience can become a beautiful part of life, leading to more kindness, self-compassion, and connection with others. But we don't often talk about our losses, let alone how to honor them.

That's why I loved this conversation with Rachel Marie Kang about creating space to honor loss. She is the author of the brand new book, "The Matter of Little Losses," a beautiful journey through how to honor the big and little losses in your life.

Here's what we cover:

1. The difference between loss and grief (2:09)

2. Different types of loss (7:22)

3. How we process loss as children (14:23)

4. Examples of "little" losses (22:46)

5. The most important way to parent kids through losses (31:04)

6. Rachel's 3 steps for tending losses each day (35:25)

7. The thing we want most through loss (39:59)

8. Why honoring loss brings hope (47:25)

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