What if challenges are simply the beginnings of growth?

I provide practical tools for spiritually-minded people to help transform obstacles into opportunities.

As a therapist early on –

I noticed a recurring theme in most of my clients—they knew how to be good to others but didn’t know how to be good to themselves. Otherwise noble qualities like responsibility, empathy, and kindness created relational challenges. They struggled to set healthy boundaries and stand up for themselves. I could see the same struggles in my own life.

I began to explore what the Bible revealed about agency —

personal boundaries, emotional intelligence, and complex relationship challenges. Combining spiritual wisdom with tools from psychology, I envisioned a way to love others without losing yourself.

Wanting to share this holistic approach, I wrote my first book with Kimberly Miller, Boundaries for Your Soul, a faith-infused adaptation of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy model.  Following that success, my second book, The Best of You, delves into a faith-based exploration of the true self, earning recognition as an ECPA bestseller. Additionally, I launched a weekly podcast offering faith-centered healing resources that consistently ranks in the top 50 podcasts in its category on Apple.

Through my podcast and email outreach —

I connect with over 60,000 individuals weekly, merging faith and psychology to bring tangible life changes.

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My Education

Along the way, my journey included degrees in history (Dartmouth College), counseling (Denver Seminary), and a joint degree in religion and psychology (University of Denver) where my doctoral dissertation explored the connection between religion and prejudice. I am also certified in Internal Family Systems Therapy.

my mission

My mission is to empower all who are on a journey of personal healing and spiritual growth with the tools they need to flourish.

I want to create a world where everyone has access to the spiritual wisdom and practical support

necessary to become mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy. I believe that everyone deserves access to the tools they need to heal, grow, and thrive.

i believe in


As we stay curious about our own beliefs, feelings, and motivations we grow in compassionate self-awareness. Developing a practice of curiosity toward yourself and others is the best way to release the shame, judgment, and false-guilt we all encounter.


I believe boundaries are crucial for healthy relationships with self and others. Identifying and communicating boundaries empowers you to live with integrity, purpose, and conviction. Boundaries honor individual autonomy and the need for connection.


While rooted in a Christian faith tradition, I prioritize healing over dogma. I believe healing is the heart of God’s desire for every person. I emphasize personal, relational, and vocational healing, but acknowledge the need for systemic healing.


We are mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual beings. Bringing together each part of our experience is necessary to become a whole, integrated person. I believe integrated individuals create integrated relationships, communities, and societies.

The tools are here.