Inner Healing

A Surprising Way to Break Free From Self-Criticism & Comparing Yourself to Others

Episode Notes

Do you feel like others are doing better than you? Do you struggle with an inner critic? Do you see the strengths in others, but struggle to see them in yourself?

This episode will empower you. I've personally seen the harm that negative comparison can do, and I'm passionate about helping you escape its trap.

You'll uncover a surprising way to tackle comparison, along with simple steps to follow when it arises. Most importantly, you'll learn how to focus your attention on what matters most.

Listen to this episode whenever you catch yourself in self-criticism.

Here's what we cover:

-The only time comparison is healthy

-Two types of negative comparison

-A powerful metaphor from the Bible

-The surprising antidote to comparison

-4 simple steps to transform you outlook

-1 powerful question to ask yourself each day

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Music by Andy Luiten

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