I Shouldn't Feel This Way

“This book is like WebMD for your emotions!”

– Lisa Jo Baker

Bestselling author of Never Unfriended and Co-Host of the Out of the Ordinary Podcast

When you’re tangled up inside, it’s hard to find clarity.

Yet so many of us guilt-trip or gaslight ourselves instead of working our way through complicated feelings. This jumbled-up knot is a cry for gentle care and patient attention, but most of us haven’t been given the tools required to unravel it.

Imagine you had a guide—a way out of the chaos and into the calm and clarity you need to face life’s challenges.

Drawing from over twenty years of research and clinical practice, Dr. Alison guides you through a groundbreaking 3-step process that has helped tens of thousands of people find emotional freedom and surprisingly simple breakthroughs. She shows you how to

identify guilt and know what to do with it,
trade feeling stuck in your heard for clarity,
move from comfortable numbing to courageous conversations, and
make decisions that break cycles of defeat.

Change starts when you finally stop beating yourself up for the way that you feel and say, You know what? I do feel this way! And I know what to do about it.

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"Everyone needs this transformational book!"

Alli Worthington

Business Coach and Author of Remaining You While Raising Them

"With I Shouldn't Feel This Way we have our map; and in Alison Cook, we have our guide."

Curt Thompson, MD

Therapist and Author of The Soul of Desire and The Soul of Shame

"I Shouldn't Feel This Way is your GPS. It will give you a 30,000-foot view of the terrain of human emotion and show you which direction to go."

Curtis Chang

Author of The Anxiety Opportunity and Host of Good Faith Podcast

“This book is like WebMD for your emotions.”

Lisa-Jo Baker

Bestselling Author of Never Unfriended