Claim Your YES Relationship Bundle

Say YES to Healthier Relationships!

Do you tend to please others at the expense of yourself?

Do you struggle getting your needs met with a distant spouse, a stubborn family member, or a self-centered friend?

Let me help you claim your "Yes" before everybody else does. My special resource, The Claim Your YES Bundle, will show you how to:

  • Calm your emotions
  • Reclaim your voice in your relationships
  • Prevent toxic situations from stealing your joy
  • Identify and enjoy true friends worth keeping
  • Say YES to the life God has for you

Real change is possible.

As a woman, I know you are busy. So, I designed each resource in this bundle to be digested quickly, yet lead to a lifetime of better relationships.

For over 20 years, I've helped hundreds of women revolutionize how they deal with difficult people and manage tough conversations. I’d like to help you begin the same transformation.

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Transform your life with these 3 ebooks and 2 video lessons:

5 Steps to Reclaim Your Voice in Relationships – eBook

Do you feel like a sidekick or invisible around other people? You have a voice, but you don’t know how to make yourself heard. Discover five simple steps to reclaim your voice and start showing up for yourself in your relationships.

How to Find a Friend Worth Keeping – eBook

Every woman needs life-giving friendships that are mutually supportive, but finding them is a skill women aren't taught. This easy-to-read guide reveals how to identify toxic friends, develop your boundaries, and build lasting friendships that are worth keeping.

3 Big Lies About Love Every Woman is Taught - eBook

There are three big lies that keep women from enjoying loving relationships. Insidiously, these lies are perpetuated by parents, pastors, and the media to women of all ages. Discover how to avoid these lies and experience the true love you crave. Includes 3 exercises.

How to Set Boundaries with a Guilt-Tripping Mom – Video Lesson

Does spending time with your mother stress you out? This pithy and practical video lesson explains how to honor your mother without harming yourself. You will gain the confidence to make wise decisions that are good for you and your mom.

3 Steps to Calm An Emotion – Video Lesson

Stress can wreak havoc with your emotions. But you can learn to calm your soul and quiet your mind. This video explains a 3-step process to calm your emotions so that you lead them. It includes a guided reflection that you can use at any time.

"Alison, thanks for such timely wisdom!"
Karen N.

"Thank you for offering a clear view of how a new understanding can impact our reactions to toxic situations! Your insights are a blessing!"
Kelli J.

Sounds good! What is the price?

This entire bundle is just $9.99. My desire is to make resources affordable for all women.

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NOTE: All resources are provided as PDF downloads and videos that can be viewed on any computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

It's quick and easy to get started. Pick the resource that appeals to you the most and begin there first. Then, go through each topic at your own pace. Don't let fear or overwhelm keep you from experiencing the life that God has for you.

"Thank you for your willingness to share truth and insight gained from your personal experiences. I love your writing style and summaries of the issues so many of us struggle with in our journey to healing and growth."
Michelle W.

"Wow! Your writing is truly a blessing at a time most needed. Thank you! This spoke straight to my heart."
Lori C.

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