Episode 60: How to Make New Friends, Identify Red and Green Flags, & Extract Yourself From an Unhealthy Situation with Aundi Kolber & Dr. Monique Gadson

By Alison Cook | June 29, 2023

Making new friends is hard as an adult! We’ve been hurt. We’ve changed and outgrown old ways. So how do we find new friends? And how do we learn to trust after trust has been broken? Today, I’m joined by 2 of my new friends, Aundi Kolber and Dr. Monique Gadson, as we discuss how...

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Episode 57: Should I Turn the Other Cheek? Why It’s the Opposite of Being a Doormat & How to Stand Firm in the Face of Gaslighting, Manipulation, and Toxicity

By Alison Cook | June 8, 2023

Phew! Today’s episode gets fiery 🔥🔥🔥! Many of us were taught to “turn the other cheek” as a call to be a doormat or to naively “love someone” into change. In today’s episode, I’m not holding back as I paint a picture of what I think the Bible really teaches about standing firm against toxicity....

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Episode 42: How to Honor Sadness, Set Boundaries with Loneliness, and What to Do When You Don’t Have Time for this Work

By Alison Cook | February 23, 2023

You need your pain. Grief makes you real, and disappointment can inspire creativity, change, and growth. Sadness brings texture to the joys we experience. And yet, it’s also not wise to let sadness take us over. In today’s episode, we discuss how to set healthy boundaries with emotions like sadness and loneliness. Here’s what we...

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Episode 41: Boundaries With Fear And Anxiety—How to Calm the Chaos Within and the Joy of Internal Boundaries

By Alison Cook | February 16, 2023

So many of us live at war with ourselves. We hate our anxiety or battle with fear. We beat ourselves up or try to get rid of these parts of us. But this approach only makes things worse. One of the most surprising ways to calm your anxiety is to stop waging war against it....

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Episode 38: Taking a Risk on God—How to Stay Standing with Alli Patterson

By Alison Cook | January 26, 2023

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with my friend and teaching pastor at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Alli Patterson, about her new book, How to Stay Standing. In this powerful episode, Alli shares her own story of hitting rock bottom when the scaffolding of her life collapsed, and how she rebuilt the foundation from the...

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Episode 37: The Problem With Toxic Thinking & How to Name, Tame, and Transform the Messages You Tell Yourself

By Alison Cook | January 19, 2023

Today on The Best of You Podcast, we’re talking about detoxing from the false beliefs that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns of relating to other people. These hidden messages are sneaky. They might sound true in the moment, but they keep us from the healthy two-way relationships we need. I also answer your questions,...

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Episode 36: An Update on My Social Media Detox & How to Create Boundaries With Toxic Distractions, Numbing, & Unhealthy Coping Tactics

By Alison Cook | January 12, 2023

Today’s episode is a real-time update on my own social media detox and how what started as a pause revealed a deeper need. I also lay out a practical framework for you to use in sorting out the distractions, numbing, or unhealthy coping tactics in your life and how to replace them with the life-giving,...

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Episode 34: Why We Avoid Our Own Power & How God Calls Us to Step Into It

By Alison Cook | December 22, 2022

So many of us have had negative experiences with power. It feels like something to fear, something bad, or something to avoid all together. But what if God wants us to step into our power in a healthy way? And what if understanding the power we have is at the core of building healthy connections...

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Episode 32: Productivity and the Never Ending To Do List: How to Stop Hustling & Embrace the Joy of Enough

By Alison Cook | December 8, 2022

Is your to-do list a mile long? Are you that person who hustles to get the job done, no matter the cost to yourself? If your inner task manager tends to take you (or someone you love) over, do not miss this episode with my friend and fellow therapist, Rebecca Ching. It’s all about the...

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Episode 30: Protecting What’s Good Without Denying What’s Hard at the Holidays

By Alison Cook | November 24, 2022

Today’s episode of The Best of You Podcast is in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, and the holiday season in general. If you’re dealing with a mixture of emotions today, this episode is for you. Holidays are complicated, and in today’s episode, I walk you through how to honor what’s hard, even as you give...

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Episode 29: Perfectionism and Proving Your Worth: How to Stop Chasing Approval and Start Living the Life You Actually Want

By Alison Cook | November 17, 2022

OK, buckle up, today’s conversation on The Best of You podcast goes deep, and we both get really honest about own struggles. I could have talked with Mary for hours about how to get off the treadmill of perfecting and proving your worth-and start claiming the life you actually want. You do not want to...

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Episode 28: The Pain of Performing For Others and How to Claw Your Way Out with Toni Collier

By Alison Cook | November 10, 2022

On today’s episode of The Best of You podcast, I’m talking with the wonderful and wise Toni Collier who shares bravely about finding herself stuck in the performance trap, and how she clawed her way out. Toni’s capability & high capacity helped her survive, but she also wound up exhausted, broken, and numbing. As Toni...

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