Episode 23: Am I wounded or am I sinful?

By Alison Cook | October 6, 2022

Today on the podcast, we’re diving into this question I keep bumping up against. On one hand we go to church, and we’re told you’re sinful; you need to repent, you need to die to yourself. On the other hand, we go to therapy, and we’re told you’re wounded; you’ve had trauma. You need to...

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Episode 22: How to Build Trust with Yourself

By Alison Cook | September 29, 2022

On this week’s podcast we’re talking all about building trust with yourself. This *internal* work is so important to the work of setting healthy external boundaries. I share with you an example from my own life and walk you through a process of connecting more deeply to what’s actually happening inside of you. As you...

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Episode 21: Making and Keeping A Promise to Yourself

By Alison Cook | September 22, 2022

Today on The Best of You podcast, we’re starting a new series on Boundaries and the Bible. And we’re starting with what I call the Yes Side of No. So many of us struggle with setting external boundaries because we keep the focus on the other person. But the work of setting boundaries starts inside...

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Episode 20: Making Peace with Yourself (& Facing Your Fear of Disappointing Other People)

By Alison Cook | September 15, 2022

Sometimes living at peace with other people, means living at peace with disappointing them. It’s incredibly important to balance your responsibility to other people with a deep sense of responsibility to your God-given self. It’s not only good for you. It’s good for other people. Living at peace with yourself is a process of figuring...

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Episode 19: My Stroke, A Process of Healing, and How I Began to Write The Best of You

By Alison Cook | September 8, 2022

At the exact moment I began to bring The Best of You to life, I encountered a trauma that would literally knock me off my feet, forcing me to test everything I hoped to write about. Today is almost the 2-year anniversary of that trauma. It’s unbelievable to me that this book is coming out...

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Episode 18: Selfhood vs. Selfishness

By Alison Cook | September 1, 2022

This week on the podcast, we’re talking about selfhood. Many of us have been taught that “self” is bad. But there’s a big difference between selfhood and selfishness. Furthermore being selfless is not always the right choice. Reclaiming a healthy sense of self is not opposed to faith. In fact, learning to honor yourself goes...

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Episode 17: What is Church Hurt and How do I Heal?

By Alison Cook | August 25, 2022

Today’s podcast episode is all about church hurt. A church is a family-at its best it’s a place to learn about God, a place to heal, and a place to give & receive in community. But just like any family, when leadership turns toxic the results are devastating. You have so many questions for me...

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Episode 16: What are attachment styles and why does it matter?

By Alison Cook | August 18, 2022

Today’s podcast episode is another packed one all about attachment. Be sure to listen all the way through for some thoughts on how attachment wounds impact our human relationships and our experience of a loving God. Here’s what we discuss: Why I think we’re not just one attachment style What are 4 different attachment styles?...

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Episode 15: CPTSD—The Pain of A Million Paper Cuts

By Alison Cook | August 11, 2022

Today’s podcast episode is packed. Phew! You wanted to talk CPTSD (or complex trauma) so that’s where we’re going, with a side note on trauma & faith communities and some thoughts on what it *really* means to find safety in other people. 1. What is CPTSD?  2. What are the symptoms of CPTSD?  3. How...

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Episode 14: The Fawn Response & The Hidden Root of People Pleasing

By Alison Cook | August 4, 2022

Psychology Buzzwords are back, only this time you picked the topics! This week we’re focusing on the 4 Fear Responses, often called Survival Responses or Trauma Responses, with a special look at the Fawn Response. 1. What are 4 common fear responses?  2. What is the freeze response?  3. What is disassociation?  4. How are...

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Episode 13: Dr. Alison Answers Your Questions: Criticism, Narcissism, and Boundaries

By Alison Cook | July 28, 2022

This week on the podcast, I’m answering 3 of your questions! All of these questions relate to dealing with our parents as adults: 1. How do I cope with an internal critical voice that came from a parent? 2. What is the next step after recognizing that my parents were narcissistic? 3. Am I disrespecting...

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Episode 12: Overcoming the Pain of Divorce

By Alison Cook | July 21, 2022

If you struggle with body image or how to make wise decisions on behalf of what you *actually* want out of your life, please do not miss this episode. Christy Meeks provides such grounded, thoughtful, and focused insight into how she overcame the pain of weaponizing her body and learned to work with her body...

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