Episode 75: Your Secret Weapon Against Stress & Anxiety—How to Transform Your Mind Through the Power of Prayer

By Alison Cook | October 19, 2023

Prayer is where self-awareness meets God-awareness. I’ve come to cherish it as an intimate, deeply grounding practice. But I haven’t always felt that way. It used to evoke anxiety and activation inside of me as I worked to earn God’s favor. That’s why I love this conversation with Kayla Craig, author of the new book...

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Episode 74: The Neurobiology of Hope and How to Find Hope in Hard Times with Dr. Curt Thompson

By Alison Cook | October 12, 2023

I am so thrilled to have my friend, Dr. Curt Thompson, on the podcast today. I have been deeply transformed by Curt’s work, and in today’s conversation, Curt breathes fresh life into a topic that is too easily tossed around and oversimplified-Hope. We take a deep dive into the intricacies of hope from a neurobiological,...

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Episode 73: True Belonging vs. Groupthink, Cliques, & Trying to Fit In—How to Belong to Others While Staying True To Yourself

By Alison Cook | October 5, 2023

If you’ve ever struggled to feel like you belong, this episode is for you. I’ve struggled with belonging for decades. I couldn’t understand how other people seemed to find large groups of friends. But I’ve figure out how to belong on my own terms. And, paradoxically, I realized-that’s exactly what belonging is. Today’s episode is...

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Episode 70: Mastering the Art of Emotional Intelligence—How to Harness the Power of Your Emotions to Improve Your Relationships

By Alison Cook | September 14, 2023

Get ready to level up your emotional intelligence! In this week’s episode, we’re diving deep into the heart of emotional intelligence, revealing why it’s an absolute game-changer. We’ll break it all down: 1. Fascinating research on emotional intelligence 2. 3 powerful strategies for mastering your emotions 3. 5 ways to express your emotions effectively 4....

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Episode 65: Vulnerability, Parenting, and Letting Go of Control—Inside A Guy’s Perspective With Our Friends From Dadville

By Alison Cook | August 3, 2023

Research shows that many men are struggling and not sure how to get support. So I asked our friends from the Dadville podcast to come on and talk about how to encourage the guys in your life! What a joy to host this insightful and fun duo! Jon McLaughlin and Dave Barnes are best known...

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Episode 63: Spiritual Direction, the Power of Listening, & How to Attune to Yourself and to Others

By Alison Cook | July 20, 2023

Imagine if someone sat with you and listened to you attentively for as long as you needed. That’s what I experienced through a series of spiritual listening retreats. And today, I invited the Rev. Dr. Stephen Macchia and a spiritual director in training, Rowena Day, to talk with us about the practice of spiritual direction...

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Episode 62: Your Questions About Friendship—How to Test a New Relationship, Manage Your Capacity Through Different Life Seasons, & Become a Friend to Yourself

By Alison Cook | July 13, 2023

Today we’re trying something new! We’ve gathered up your most-asked questions about friendship and discuss them on the podcast. These are such thoughtful and real questions, and I love thinking through them with you. Here’s what we cover: 1. The mother wound and female friendships 2. Managing expectations through your own healing season 3. Assessing...

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Episode 61: Reconnecting With Old Friends—Healing the Past, Naming Regret & Bringing Your Whole Self into the Future

By Alison Cook | July 6, 2023

This episode is so special to me. I sit down with my 3 childhood friends, including my older sister, as we describe what it was like to bring our past selves into our present. We were close all through high school, but life took us on different paths, to different cities, and through different experiences...

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Episode 60: How to Make New Friends, Identify Red and Green Flags, & Extract Yourself From an Unhealthy Situation with Aundi Kolber & Dr. Monique Gadson

By Alison Cook | June 29, 2023

Making new friends is hard as an adult! We’ve been hurt. We’ve changed and outgrown old ways. So how do we find new friends? And how do we learn to trust after trust has been broken? Today, I’m joined by 2 of my new friends, Aundi Kolber and Dr. Monique Gadson, as we discuss how...

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Episode 59: Overcoming Past Hurt & Deepening Friendships Through Intentional Community with Jennie Allen

By Alison Cook | June 22, 2023

I loved this beautiful and honest conversation about friendship with Jennie Allen, bestselling author of Find Your People and founder of IF:Gathering. She shares candidly about a painful season where she felt alone and how she’s learned to lean into deep community, even when it’s messy. If you’ve ever struggled with feeling lonely, misunderstood, or...

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Episode 58: Friends on Friendship—How to Find Friends Who Bring out the Best of You with Dr. Curt Thompson, Amy Cella, and Pepper Sweeney

By Alison Cook | June 15, 2023

I’m so excited to announce our brand-new series, “Friends on Friendships”! Join us over the next 5 weeks as we learn together how to forge transformative, healing, and life-giving friendships. We are kicking things off with an incredible conversation with Dr. Curt Thompson, Amy Cella, and Pepper Sweeney, who are real life friends and hosts...

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